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Sex Workers Help and Support

The Aphrodite Project
The Aphrodite Project
The Aphrodite Project is a series of new media artworks inspired by the cult of Aphrodite. Platforms, the latest series of work in The Aphrodite Project, is a pair of sandals that are both a conceptual homage to Aphrodite and her prostitute-priestesses as well as a practical object for the contemporary sex worker. An integrated system of shoes and online services, Platforms uses the latest technology to bring sex workers on par with other public workers, whose lives are valued highly because they work in dangerous professions that serve the needs of the community.
Best Practices Policy Project
The Best Practices Policy Project is an organization dedicated to creating excellence amongst organizations and advocates working with sex workers in the United States. We produce materials for policy environments, address research and academic concerns and provide NGOs with technical assistance. Everything that we do is guided by principles that protect the rights of people who engage in commercial sex in all its forms.
Different Avenues

Different Avenues is a tax-exempt, non-profit agency located in northwestern Washington, DC. We provide services to youth and young adults, ages 12 to 30 years, who are homeless or living in insecure housing. Many of our clients are transgendered, gay, lesbian or bisexual. We also help youth who themselves are parents, as well as parents of youth. We work with people who engage in street survival strategies, including sex for favors.
Escort Support
Escort Support  Where Escorts go for Info!!
Welcome to the premier community site for escorts! Whether you're male or female, straight or GLBT, or even have a different adult entertainment occupation, you'll find this site to be an excellent resource for the info you need to effectively run your business and enhance your life. And we add new information and features regularly, so visit often!
My Honeysuckle was founded out of a need to bring consciousness to web services being offered to adult entertainers. The team determined it was their interest to form long-lasting, quality, customer relationships, and to also maintain an internal office environment where the employees sincerely love their jobs. Woman owned and operated.
National Black List  Bad Client List
National Black List Bad Client List
National BLACKLIST is devoted to providing a platform of safety for independent female escorts and escort agencies. By reporting incidents to National BLACKLIST such as threats, verbal or physical abuse, violence, rip offs, wasted time, pranksters, or withholding money, female escorts can give each other valuable and timely information to make their lives more safe and secure! This is especially true for independent escorts and massage girls who do incall services.
Network of Sex Work Projects
In 1991 an informal alliance of sex workers and organizations that provide services to sex workers formed as the Network of Sex Work Projects. NSWP is a legally constituted international organisation for promoting sex workers' health and human rights. With member organizations in more than 40 countries, the Network develops partnerships with technical support agencies to work on independently-financed projects. This site is full of resources, articles, etc.
Sex Workers' Outreach Project
Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP) focuses on improving the lives of sex industry workers by promoting safety, dignity and diversity in sex work and fosters an environment that affirms individual choices and occupational rights.
The Sex Workers Project
Created in December 2001, the Sex Workers Project is the first program in New York City and in the country to focus on the provision of legal services, legal training, documentation, and policy advocacy for sex workers. Using a harm reduction and human rights model, the SWP protects the rights and safety of sex workers who by choice, circumstance, or coercion remain in the industry.
Sin City Chamber of Commerce
Sin City Chamber of Commerce

Imagine a Chamber of Commerce that is inclusive, a Chamber that embraces all businesses and offers opportunities to all.  A new concept in Networking. The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is a member-based business organization located in Las Vegas and created to promote with equality, respect and fairness the businesses that provide the products and services that Sin City Las Vegas is noted for worldwide.
Tantra Quest: Ancient wisdom and skills for the modern priestess
Tantra Quest  Ancient Wisdom & Skills for the Modern Sexual Priestess
Located on the Big Island of Hawaii in Puna. Come learn and play in paradise as you up-level your life with the gentle, transformational wisdom of Tantra.

Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators and their supporting networks. We seek to encourage a better understanding of human sexuality by promoting ethical and unbiased research into sexual subcultures; to promote saner and more sensible approaches to policies relating to adult sexual health and behavior. We use this information to educate and empower the public to have healthy and rational attitudes about sexuality.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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