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Diversity Statement

The Desiree Alliance conference organizers are committed to support for representation and inclusiveness of cultural, racial, economic, age, and gender identity. Please read our Diversity Statement and join our efforts to build a respectful, diverse, and strong sex worker movement.


Legislators of this century have continued to fail to realise that prostitutes are not a special breed of women with compulsions to indulge in criminal behaviour... socially, culturally and psychologically prostitute women pursue lifestyles little different to the millions of other single working women, wives and mothers in the... community. Popular mythology keeps prostitute women separated from other women in people's minds, while the law, founded as it is in 19th century puritanism, keeps them separated in the social order.

-Working girls: prostitutes, their life and social control by Roberta Perkins


Initiatives to “end demand” for prostitution harm women and undermine service programs!

 End Demand Fact Sheet

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Conference Feedback


The following are comments Desiree Alliance has received from attendees at the 2007 conference, or comments about the conference from attendees to others. The following comments have all names removed to protect privacy.

Thank you so much to all who attended, and to all whose comments appear here.

"I have never in my life experienced such energy!"

"i wish i'd pushed myself to attend the Vegas conference and i will certainly work hard to make Chicago 08! this was an amazing week and worth it all around."

"Thank you VERY much for the opportunity to present. And thank you for doing this in the first place. It was a wonderful conference and worth every penny, every struggle to get here."

"Great job, well done! I am so thrilled to have been a part of this conference and look forward to attending and presenting again next year."

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful conference and giving me the opportunity to present.  I had a wonderful time and made some very amazing and inspiring new friends while I was there!"

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Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators and their supporting networks. We seek to encourage a better understanding of human sexuality by promoting ethical and unbiased research into sexual subcultures; to promote saner and more sensible approaches to policies relating to adult sexual health and behavior. We use this information to educate and empower the public to have healthy and rational attitudes about sexuality.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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