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Schedule 2008

Click here for the Speakers List. Both the Speaker's list and the schedule below are subject to change.

Day Time Session Title and Presenter Session Info  
    Wednesday, July 16    
Wed, July 16 7:30pm Welcome Reception and Registration Check-in

Margo St. James welcomes you to Chicago!

Come by for wine and 'whore d'eurves' as we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Margo St. James, founder of COYOTE. Pick up your conference material and mingle among conference participants. Throughout the evening short films about Margo will be shown in the gallery. **This event is open to registered conference participants only.**

    Thursday, July 17    
  10-10:45am Yoga TBA  
Thurs, July 17 11-2:30 Welcome and Announcements AR/AC/AO
Contrary to Popular Belief: Developing open communication and collaboration in order to combat oppression in social justice work
Michaela Purdue
Safety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy Ė Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Working and Living Out of Harmís Way 40 mins  
Moderator: Michael
Amanda Brooks, SWOP East
  3:35-4:50 Transgender Intra Community Relations Room A
Moderator: Jasmine
Sharmus Outlaw
Joy Morris
Lois Bates
    Sex Work, Soccer, and Solidarity: Community Building and Empowerment in Guatemala  Room B
Ana Moraga, MuJER, Exec. Dir.
    TBA Room C
Moderator: Gigi
  5:10-6:30 CHALLENGING DISCRIMINATION AMONG SEX WORKERS:  Reconstructing "Sex Work" Plenary-1.20  
Moderator: Ruthie

Bethdeath (End the Prison Industrial Complex)
Dave Wold
SWOP-LA or other
    Friday, July 18    
  11-11:45am Yoga TBA  
Fri, July 18 12-1 Announcements Plenary
Capitalism Critical Sexworkers? What the BLEEP?

National Sex Worker Leadership Institute: A new capacity building model
Moderator: Darby
Conrad H and Ivy Fields (SWANK)Penelope Saunders (BPPP)
  1:20-2:35 Adult Entertainer's Guide to Disabled Customers - 2008 Edition Room A
Moderator: Jill McCracken
William Takashi & L.B.
    How to Be an Adult Ally to Youth who trade Sex for Money, Gifts & Survival needs Room B
Moderator: Michael
Shira Hassan, Laura Mintz, Cindy Ibarra (YWEP)
    Sex worker rights and direct services in urban communities of Los Angeles
Or We Asian Sex Workers
Room C
Moderator: TBA
Mariko Passion (SWOP LA)
or We Asian Sex Workers
  3:35-5:05 TBA Room A
    Don't Let This Happen To You: Screening Do's and Dont's

Bad Date Line: How to Start, Run + Maintain a Damn Good Project

Sex Workers Against Rape
Room B
Moderator: Jessica
Teresa Dulce (HRC)
Jill Brenneman (SWOP East)
    Self marketing and self branding - How to run a profitable and (more safe) sex worker business. Room C
Moderator: Liz
Jasmine and Rachel (SWOP-Chicago)
  5:15-7 Sex Worker-Made Media
$pread Magazine: Past, Present, & Future (two-part workshop including lecture and hands-on training)

Getting Your Voice Out There!: Audio recording & Sound art

Sex Workers Make Media: Video
Room A 1.45  
Moderator: Sara Jenny
Hosted by $pread with featured speakers:
Axon Damien Luxe, Art Director for $pread Magazine, performance artist and writer
Rachel Aimee, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of $pread Magazine
Theresa Marie, Advertising Director
Sarah Jenny, New Media Director
Audacia Ray, Sex Work Awareness
Ruthie, SWANK
PJ Starr
Gigi Thomas (HIPS)

Resisting the Powers That Be: Street Work and Survival Sex in Chicago and Beyond

Room B
Moderator: Brenda Costley
Panelists: Lisa, Darlene, Helen, Liz, John
    Saturday, July 19    
  10-11am Yoga TBA  
Sat, July 19 11:30-1 Announcements Plenary 1  
Male Sex Workers: How to Organize, Support & Advocate for Themselves in the Movement
Moderator: Michael
  1:20-2:35 Allies in the sex workers rights movement

Confessions from a Non-Experiential Ally.

Bridging Gaps, Students as Allies: Feminism in the Real World

Examining the Ideologies Surrounding Criminalization and Incarceration
Room A
Moderator: Tara
Round-table Discussion
facilitated by Tara and Trent of SWOP with featured participants:
Rene Ross (Stepping Stone)
Constance S. Richards
Laura Holliger
Samantha Ryland
Shea Boggs
Amber Cole
Jill McCracken (SWOP East)
    Allies for Human Rights and Safety - How sex workers are part of the solution to abuses within the sex industry

They are a Worse Danger: Policing Prostitution in Washington, DC

The Trafficking Debates
Room B
Moderator: Jessica
Melissa Ditmore, Sienna Baskin (SWP)
Darby Hickey (Different Avenues)
Carol Leigh (SWOP, BAYSWAN)
    TBA Room C
Sex Workers and Mainstream Media: What We Learned from "Spitzergate"- Tools and Inspiration for Progressive Messaging    
Moderator: TBA
Audacia Ray ($pread, SWA author/director/producer/blogger)
Ruthie, Sarah Jenny (SWANK/SWOP NYC)
  3:35-5:05 Creating Sex Worker run direct service programs

The St. James Infirmary Clinic Model

Infiltration: Use the existing system to start a program

Community Health Outreach Workers on the streets of Baltimore

Mobile Outreach and Emergency Resources for Sex Worker
Plenary 1.30  
Moderator: Erika
Co-hosted by St. James Infirmary and HIPS
Naomi Akers (SJI)
Cyndee Clay (HIPS)
Brenda Costley (POWER INSIDE)
GiGi Thomas (HIPS)
    Sunday, July 20    
Sun, July 20 11am- 4pm Brunch TBA  
  11:45am-12:45pm Morning get-together and announcements TBA  
  All Day Yoga, massage, self-care TBA  
  All Day This day will be a relaxed day for networking, friendship, and planning for the future. While no formal workshops will be scheduled, participants are welcome to conduct small workshops and meetings. No formal exclusive space can be given for this, but there will be plenty of room to gather informally in a large room (with other informal groups). TBA  
  3:00-4:30pm DA Board and Participant open planning meeting TBA
  4:45-5:15pm Final Workshop SJTF TBA  
  5:15-5:45 Announcements and Farewell    


The Desiree Alliance is a diverse, volunteer-based, sex worker-led network of organizations, communities, and individuals across the US working in harm reduction, direct services, political advocacy, and health services for sex workers. We provide leadership and create space for sex workers and supporters to come together to advocate for human, labour, and civil rights for all workers in the sex industry.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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