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The schedule below is for a guideline only and is subject to change. Be sure to check back often! A "final" copy will be included in your registration packet available on check-in. PLEASE NOTE: Registration will be begin at 4pm on Wed. instead of 2pm. Thanks!

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WEDNESDAY 7-18-07   Welcome!

4pm-9:30pm Conference Registration check-in Auditorium
8pm-9pm   Room B
8-midnight Wine and Cheese Meet-n-Greet Audre Lorde

THURSDAY 7-19-07  


9:30-10:30am Breakfast available Auditorium
9:50-10am Good Morning and announcements Auditorium
10-10:20am Keynote address: Veronica Monet Auditorium
Panel: Problems and solutions: Educating the public and cultivating allies for sex workers' rights Presented by The Sex Worker Project and the NSWP Auditorium
  Moderators: TBA  
  Panelists: Melissa Ditmore, Coordinator, NSWP  

Kristen Freeland, Program Associate, Sex Workers Project

  Panel: Gay Male Artists in the Sex Worker World Room A
  Moderators: TBA  

Kirk Read

    Konrad Product  
    Jeff Ball   
    Reginald Lamar  
    Room B

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12:20-1:20pm Lunch Talks Self-catering
12:20-1:20 The Importance of Organizing Globally  [Robyn Few] Auditorium
  Stripping and Subjectivity  [Meredith Fortner] Auditorium
    Room B
1:30- 2:20pm

"Read me, Oh yes, read me!": "Naughty Bits", "Annie"-o-tation, and the Body in (P)Arts in Annie Sprinkle's Post-Porn Modernist  [Marilyn Perry]

  Lusty Ladies: Analyzing Identity and Relationship Management On and Off the Clock  [Porter] Auditorium
  Sex Worker Leadership Institute Roundtable  [Darby Hickey and Skytrinia Berkeley] Room A
  Take Control of Your Sexual Commerce  [TBA] (P) TBA
2:30-3:30pm Our Communities: On and Off the Streets  [Laure McElroy, Gennifer Hirano, Kenya Hayes,] Auditorium
  Criminalizing the Other [Heather Tucker] Room A
  Fundamental Safety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy: Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Being "Hidden" from Clients and Stalkers  [Amanda Brooks] (P) TBA
    Room B
3:45-5pm Clicking Beyond Craigslist: Marketing and working using the internet [Damien Luxe and Sarah Jenny from $pread Magazine] (P) TBA

Optional Evening Activities:

8-9:30pm Arts of the Courtesan: Exploring Courtesanship and what it means today  [TBA] (P) Stay for the Roundtable next! TBA
9:30-? Roundtable: Spiritual approaches to Sex Work: Bringing Back a Newer, focused Courtesan Ethic (P) TBA
2 shows:
8pm AND 10:30pm
Natural Born Hooker with Konrad Product ($12-$25)
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the St. James Infirmary

FRIDAY 7-20-07 

9-10:30am Breakfast Auditorium
9:50-10am Good Morning and Announcements Auditorium
10:00-10:20am Entertainment: Pappy Cock and Eye Candy! Auditorium
10:30-11:30am Panel: Sex Work Regulation and Activism in Toronto presented by Maggies Auditorium
  Moderator: TBA  
  Panelists: Emily van der Meulen  
    Elya Durisin  
    Keisha Scott  
  Your Feminine Power Holds the Secret to World Peace [Donna Sheehan & Paul Reffell] Audre Lorde
    Room B

Purchase Lunch

12-1:20pm Lunch Talks Self-catering
  Public Perceptions of Sex Work  [Lynn Kendrick] Auditorium
  Legalizing Prostitution in Order to Fight Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: A Critical Evaluation of Anti-Prostitution Policies  [Nicole Norris] Auditorium
  Health Assessment of SF Exotic Dancers  [Naomi Akers, St. James Infirmary] Room B
  Evaluating Podcast social media as a health promotion tool for independent sex workers  [Naomi Akers, St. James Infirmary] Room B
1:30-2:20 The New Power Suit: Women as an Economic Force in the Porn Industry [Rebecca Rosenfelt] Auditorium
  Dating a Client and Retiring for Love- One Escort's Journey Through a Minefield!  [Amanda Brooks] Room B
  Entertainers' guide to Disabled Customers  [TBA] Room B
2:30-3:30 Is the Internet a boon to sex workers? Pros and Cons of How the Internet Has Changed Prostitution  [Amanda Brooks] Auditorium
  Do your own Research!! How DC sex workers and allies are gathering the data themselves  [Darby Hickey and Skytrinia Berkeley] Room B
  Issues for Transgender Sex Workers in the Bay Area [Alexis Rivera, Tamara Ching, and Natasha Sommers] Room B
3:45-4:05 Closing Address TBA Auditorium
4:05-4:20 Wrap-up and information exchange. Auditorium
4:45-6:30 Know Your Rights Legal Training and Emergency Plan Development Workshop Presented by SWOP-Chicago (P) Auditorium
  Optional evening activities  
7-9pm  "We, Asian Sex Workers" Film Festival Ar+Space
7-10pm Shelter from Sexual Shame with Veronica Monet ($50) OneTaste
9-11pm Roaming Hookerfest: Taking films to the street via outdoor projection 1st Screening corner of 16th and folsom. For info, call 415-861-1157 Route  on website
11pm Red Lite Dance Nite Party with DJ Bent! $5 and up Lipo Lounge

Dinner-on-the-run, and FILM FEST!






Food and/or Beverages Available and/or Allowed  



Private Workshop open to limited audience
(email for more info)



Fee is required  

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Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators and their supporting networks. We seek to encourage a better understanding of human sexuality by promoting ethical and unbiased research into sexual subcultures; to promote saner and more sensible approaches to policies relating to adult sexual health and behavior. We use this information to educate and empower the public to have healthy and rational attitudes about sexuality.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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