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Delias Eucharis
Common Jezebel


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"Sex Work: Culture, Policy, and Benefits
Exploring the Lives of Sex Workers and their Diverse Realities"


This year the conference will be held in San Francisco as part of the 2007 West Coast Convergence. The conference itself will be held in the Mission district. Exact location address and directions will be given to confirmed registrants.

Conference Fees

Conference Registration is $100.00 on a sliding scale. Please include on your registration papers if you need to pay less and why. Also include if you can pay more, or help to sponsor someone else.


For those needing to share a ride or room with someone, please fill out this form: Ride and Room Share Information


Here is a link to a flight search engine, which allows you to compare the results of several search engines. We also encourage you to look at Southwest, Southwest Vacations, America West Vacations, etc., because they will often have flight + hotel deals that are less expensive than flights alone.


Here is a link to Amtrak.


Here is a link to Greyhound.


Location will be given to confirmed registrants. It will be in the Mission area of San Francisco.


The Desiree Alliance group rate for double rooms near our conference location  is $169.00 plus tax per night. This information will be available to registered attendees. There is also a ride/room share coop being organized by Kitty. Please click here to register.

We are also providing a link here to a hotel search engine which compares the results of other search engines to allow you to find the best fares:

Click here for more hotel options


Click here for restaurant options


"Sex Work Culture, Policy, and Benefits: Exploring the Lives of Sex Workers and their Diverse Realities" is an opportunity for those who support reform of current prostitution laws and the sex workers' rights movement to come together to discuss alternatives to criminalization of those who exchange sex for money and various aspects of the culture of sex work.

Although we do have a screening process to ensure that only allies are present, we encourage all participants to set their own boundaries and to be cautious when sharing personal or sensitive information during discussions. This is a conference for allies and broad networks of academics and activists, their participation in this conference does not implicate them as sex industry workers.

The Desiree Alliance is taking the following precautions to ensure privacy and safety for participants:

-Sensitive parts of the conference are closed to the media and to the public.
-No film/photos will be permitted by participants.
-One documentation team will be permitted to film/photo the presentations for promotion/records purposes, team is selected by the steering committee.
-Those who wish to not be filmed/photographed will be able to signify their wishes on their nametag and the designated documentation crew will not record their photo or voice.
-Participants are able to use first name only or pseudonym during the conference if they choose to remain anonymous.


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Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators and their supporting networks. We seek to encourage a better understanding of human sexuality by promoting ethical and unbiased research into sexual subcultures; to promote saner and more sensible approaches to policies relating to adult sexual health and behavior. We use this information to educate and empower the public to have healthy and rational attitudes about sexuality.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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